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South Indian Bridal Makeup

South Indian Bridal

A South Indian bride can be identified with her elaborate ornaments. Weddings in the southern part of India are a colourful affair, and the bride is adorned in bright jewel toned colours, mostly golds, blues, greens, yellows, greens and other bright hues. One of the biggest features of a south Indian bride is her head dress, which is an instant eye-catcher. This is one of the reasons why a bride from southern India wears a lot of makeup, with bright and bold colours, but without looking garish or loud.

South Indian bridal makeup is a broad phrase and can denote bridal makeup looks based on where the bride is from – Tamil Nadu, Kerala, Karnataka, or Andra Pradesh. Even within a state, there may be significant differences between how bridal makeup is applied depending on the religion or region. For example, the south Indian bridal makeup look for a Malayalee Christian wedding may be dramatically simpler when compared to that of the Tamil Iyer bridal makeup.