Moolam Raasippattu

Moolam Star Saree

Code: 2719

Moolam Natchathiram consists of nine stars and appears like ‘Tail of a lion ’ . The Adhideva is ‘Niruthi’. He is one of the ‘Ashta thikku balagars’. And he is the Lord of south west direction.

Body: Is in yellow colour with designs in Jari

Border: Is in green colour at top and bottom sides with leaf designs in Jari

Pallu: Also in green colour with an image of the Adhideva ‘Niruthi’. And the symbol of the Natchathiram ‘Tail of a lion ’ is also in peedam at right and left sides of the bottom portion.

The colours and images preferred in this silk saree are specially to give more health, wealth and prosperity as per the astrological terms.

Details of Nine Elements Woven In Moolam Natchathira Star Saree

Athi deity of the star : Narayanan
Countings of stars : Nine Stars
Shape of the star in the galaxy : Lion
Colour of the star : Dark Green
Colour of the zodiac sign : Yellow
Bird of the star : Brahminy Kite
Tree of the star : Diospyros Speciss (Mara)
Animal of the star : Female Dog
Ganam of the star : Rakshasam

Washing Procedure

Directions For Washing Silk Sarees

  • Please do not wash with soap in the beginning.
  • After two or three plain water wash use good soap and clean quickly.
  • Wash ( pallo ) mundi and border separately in the beginning.
  • Do not bundle and wet for a long time.
  • Do not bundle the wet saree along with inferior variety choly etc.
  • Do not beat the saree.
  • Use medium iron the colour will never run if the above instructions are followed.
  • Do not preserve the saree inside the box and polythene bags.

Do’s and Don’ts

Do’s And Don’ts While Wearing Yours Star Sign Silk Sarees And Benefits Of Wearing It:

  1. When you are wearing yours star sign silk sarees for the first time you have to do archana for your star sign god.
  2. Non vegetarian foods should be avoided whenever you wear yours star signsilk sarees. This sarees can be worn by girls and women from the age of 16 to 96 years.
  3. The slogans indicated for your star sign have to be chanted when you are wearing this saree for the first time. You should not go to the condolences by wearing yours star sign silk sarees.
  4. During menses you should not wear yours star sign silk sarees.
  5. This yours star sign silk sarees have to be kept in a safe and peaceful place.